Who is the First Transgender to play Women’s International Cricket – Danielle McGahey

Danielle McGahey -  First Transgender to play Women's International Cricket.  PC: Facebook

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Canada’s Danielle McGahey set to create history by becoming the first Transgender cricketer to play in a women’s T20 International.

The 29-year-old opening batter Danielle McGahey was born in Australia, went on to play men’s club cricket in Melbourne, and after moving to Canada, joined a local men’s team in Cavaliers CC in Regina, Saskatchewan. The player socially transitioned to a woman in November 2020 and started medically transitioning in May 2021.

Danielle McGahey -  First Transgender to play Women's International Cricket.  PC: Facebook
Danielle McGahey – First Transgender to play Women’s International Cricket. PC: Facebook


“A lot of work with my doctor sending my medical information through to the ICC. they have a dedicated medical officer who looks over all of the information provided and determines whether or not I have provided enough for an expert panel to make a decision. It’s very personal in terms of the information you are giving over, all your medical information, history of puberty, and any surgeries. There’s a lot in it. But the protocols are there and it has been used as intended.” Danielle McGahey on the challenges faced during the process of fulfilling the player eligibility criteria.

Danielle McGahey was able to participate in the country’s women’s inter-provincial tournament based on gender self-identification. Her performance with the bat in the inter-provincial tournament attracted the attention of the national selectors and as a result, got the opportunity to play four matches in the South American Championships.

“We can confirm that Danielle went through the process as required under the ICC’s player eligibility regulations and as a result has been deemed eligible to participate in international women’s cricket on the basis that she satisfies the MTF transgender eligibility criteria.” An ICC statement confirming her eligibility to participate in women’s cricket at the international level.

Danielle McGahey makes her way into Canada’s squad for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup American Qualifiers which will take place in California, featuring teams like USA and Argentina. The winners of the tournament will progress to the Global Qualifiers which will include teams like Sri Lanka, Ireland, and the other qualifying teams from the East Asia Pacific Qualifiers.

“Trans women may reap the rewards of the greater investment in their early cricketing careers and possess some advantages related to these earlier experiences. More opportunities both at school and recreationally, to learn, play, and hone their skills, better funded and equipped clubs, more invested coaches, etc. Such factors related to opportunity are well-accepted to influence all men’s and women’s experiences and outcomes in sport and so ignoring these would deny their importance.” Gemma Witcomb an academic expert on the issue of gender identity in sports reflects on the importance of opening the door to opportunities for transgender athletes and their potential to succeed in a particular sport.

(Quotes sourced from BBC Sport).

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