Urges Return to Single Ball Format for Bowler’s Advantage

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Mitchell Starc, a formidable force in Australian cricket, challenges the conventional norms of ODI cricket, expressing dissatisfaction with the use of two new balls in the format. Starc suggests a return to the single-ball format, emphasizing its potential to extend the life of the ball and reintroduce reverse swing, a weapon that has faded with the introduction of dual new balls.

“I still think it should be one ball not two… The ball stays harder for longer. If anything in world cricket wickets have gotten flatter, and I think if you look at some of that old footage when they bowled with one ball, reverse swing comes into it a lot more. That actually brings the bowlers back into the game,” Starc remarked.

Starc’s World Cup Struggle: The Impact of Two New Balls

Despite Starc’s illustrious career in ODI cricket, the current World Cup has seen him facing challenges, particularly with the introduction of two new balls. With 10 wickets in 8 matches at 43.90 apiece and an economy rate of 6.55, Starc acknowledges the struggle of fast bowlers in the evolving landscape of one-day cricket.

“It definitely takes a little bit longer to find reverse swing. It’s not to say that it’s all gone. There’s certainly wickets or grounds that can create that reverse swing. I think just because of the two new balls at the start, I don’t think the balls swing any longer. They swing at the start and unless conditions suit, they don’t swing for very long at all,” Starc explained.

Batsman’s Game: Challenges for Bowlers

Starc highlights the current scenario where ODIs and T20s are perceived as a batsman’s game, forcing bowlers to adapt and find ways to navigate the challenges posed by power-hitting, especially in the death overs.

“One-day cricket and probably T20 cricket as well is a batter’s game, and bowlers just have to hang on,” Starc commented.

Future Outlook: Starc’s Confidence and Vision

Despite his call for a bowling reform, Starc remains confident in his abilities and envisions a continued presence in ODI cricket beyond the current World Cup.

“I’d look to keep playing after this. I don’t doubt that I won’t be making the next World Cup. I have no vision for that. Four years is a long time. I’ve always maintained that Test cricket is definitely the top of the tree for me,” Starc affirmed.

As the cricketing world evolves, Mitchell Starc’s plea for a return to the single-ball format sparks discussions about the balance between bat and ball in one-day cricket.

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