Team India’s Mohammed Shami Opens Up About Playing Through Injury in World Cup 2015.

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Team India’s standout performer in the recently concluded World Cup 2023, Mohammed Shami, has opened up about a pivotal moment in his career, harking back to the World Cup 2015 where he displayed unwavering determination despite battling a knee injury.

Having claimed an impressive tally of 24 wickets in seven games during World Cup 2023, including three notable five-wicket hauls, Mohammed Shami emerged as a key player for Team India in their journey to the final against Australia.

The Untold Story of World Cup 2015

In an extensive interview during his visit to the PUMA headquarters in Bengaluru, Shami revealed the challenges he faced during the 2015 World Cup. He confessed, “Nobody knew the pain I was dealing with (during the 2015 edition).” Shami shared that he had two options: undergo surgery immediately or play the tournament and then opt for surgery. Despite having swelling in his knee, Shami chose the latter, showcasing his commitment to representing the country.

Recalling the ordeal, Shami stated, “When you play for the country, you forget everything.” In 2020, he had previously disclosed that he played in the 2015 World Cup with a fractured knee. The injury was so severe that he couldn’t walk after matches. Shami credited Nitin Patel’s confidence for enabling him to participate in the tournament in such a challenging condition.

Dhoni’s Motivation

During the 2015 World Cup semi-final against Australia, where India eventually bowed out of the tournament, Shami faced a critical moment. He informed the team that he couldn’t endure more pain. However, former skipper M.S. Dhoni and the team management showed faith in his abilities. Shami, despite his physical condition, bowled a remarkable opening spell, giving away only 13 runs. He later expressed his inability to continue, but Dhoni motivated him, emphasizing the team’s need for his bowling skills.

Mohammed Shami’s revelation provides cricket enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of the sacrifices and challenges faced by players in their pursuit of excellence. The story of playing through pain in the World Cup 2015 exemplifies Shami’s commitment to the sport and the pride of representing the nation on the international stage.

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