Steve Smith Falls to Dipping Slower Ball, Opts Not to Review in IND vs AUS 2023 World Cup Final

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In a crucial moment during the India vs Australia World Cup final, Jasprit Bumrah showcased his masterful skills, dismissing Steve Smith with a brilliantly executed slower delivery. Bumrah’s strategic move to change the fielding positions, with Virat Kohli moving to short mid-wicket from slip, added to the mind games. Smith, perhaps anticipating a leg-side play restriction, opted to play straight.

However, Bumrah executed a deceptive off-cutting slower delivery that completely deceived Smith. The Australian batsman missed the ball, and the umpire raised his finger for an lbw dismissal. Interestingly, Smith chose not to review the decision despite having a brief discussion with Travis Head. Subsequent replays suggested that the impact was outside the off stump, adding a layer of drama to the dismissal. Smith departed for a quick 4 off 9 balls, leaving fans and pundits questioning the decision not to review.

Shane Watson, on air, expressed profound disappointment, stating, “My heart has broken after seeing that.” This emotional reaction followed the LBW decision against Steve Smith, where the impact was confirmed to be outside the off-stump. Watson’s poignant response underlines the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the impact of the contentious decision on the ongoing match and potentially Australia’s prospects.

In a pivotal moment at Ahmedabad, Australia faced a setback as Steve Smith fell victim to the elusive slower off-cutter. Recalling its impact on players like Shaun Marsh in Tests and Mohammad Rizwan in the World Cup, Smith refrained from a review and walked off, despite the impact being outside off stump. The crowd erupted in response, sensing the gravity of the situation. The question now lingers on the potential cost of this decision for Australia in a crucial juncture of the game.

At the end of the powerplay, Australia are 3 down for 60 runs. India cannot offord to be relaxed considering that Australia bat long and deep

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