Mercilessly Trolls Nonsense Chatter on Alleged Doctored Pitch

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In a fiery response to reports of a pitch change in the Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal between India and New Zealand, legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar dismissed the controversy as “nonsense.” The match, held at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, faced allegations that the pitch was altered to favor India’s spinners.

Gavaskar said

Gavaskar, visibly upset, expressed his frustration, saying, “All the morons who were talking about the pitch change, just stop. Stop taking potshots at Indian cricket.” He emphasized that regardless of any pitch modifications, both teams were aware of the conditions before the toss, stating, “If you are a good enough team, you play on that pitch and you win. India has done that.”

Addressing the wider discourse on pitch alterations, Gavaskar criticized discussions about the upcoming semifinal in Ahmedabad, calling it “nonsense” before the event even took place. He urged critics to focus on the game and refrain from baseless speculations.

So stop talking about pitches. Already they are talking about Ahmedabad and the second semifinal hasn’t even taken place. They are talking about the pitch being changed in Ahmedabad. Nonsense,” Gavaskar said on Star Sports

The International Cricket Council (ICC) responded to the incident, stating that changes to planned pitch rotations are common in the final stages of a tournament. The ICC asserted that the change at Wankhede Stadium was made based on the venue curator’s recommendation in collaboration with the host. The independent pitch consultant, Atkinson, was reportedly aware of the change, and the ICC expressed confidence that the pitch would play well.

Gavaskar’s sentiments echo a broader sentiment within the cricketing community, where discussions on pitch conditions often take center stage. The ICC’s clarification emphasized that host associations are responsible for pitch selection and preparation, and there is no mandatory requirement for knockout matches to be played on fresh pitches.

As the Cricket World Cup 2023 progresses, the controversy surrounding pitch changes adds a layer of intrigue to an already intense tournament. The focus now shifts to the final, where India emerged victorious over New Zealand, securing a spot in the ultimate showdown of the cricketing extravaganza

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