India vs New Zealand World Cup 2023 Semifinal

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In a crucial announcement, the on-field umpires for the World Cup 2023 semifinal clash between India and New Zealand have been revealed. Richard Illingworth from England and Australia’s Rod Tucker are set to officiate the highly anticipated semifinal at the Wankhede Stadium. Joel Wilson from West Indies will serve as the third umpire, with Adrian Holdstock and Andy Pycroft as the fourth umpire and match referee, respectively.

Of particular significance is Rod Tucker, who is marking his 100th ODI during this high-stakes encounter. This seasoned Australian umpire, who made his ODI debut in January 2009, has been a stalwart in the cricketing officiating realm.

The last time Illingworth and Tucker shared the field for an India vs. New Zealand encounter was four years ago during the World Cup, where New Zealand emerged victorious. Illingworth, in particular, was an on-field umpire in that weather-affected match at Old Trafford.

In another milestone, Richard Kettleborough, officiating his 100th ODI during the ongoing World Cup, will oversee the second semifinal between Australia and South Africa in Kolkata. Kettleborough has been a consistent presence in World Cup semifinals, and his experience is expected to play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the game.

Ahsan Raza also celebrated his 50th ODI milestone during the World Cup, highlighting the dedication and achievements of match officials in this prestigious

Sean Easey, the ICC Manager of Umpires and Referees, congratulated the match officials, acknowledging their high standard of performance throughout the event. He extended best wishes to Rod Tucker and Richard Illingworth for their remarkable milestones, emphasizing that such achievements are a testament to their consistent and strong performances.

“We are happy to announce the match officials for the semifinals of the World Cup. The officiating team has performed to a high standard to this point of the event, and I wish those in the knockouts all the very best.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rod and Richard for their milestones during this World Cup. Such achievements are only earned via consistently strong performances which is a credit to each of them.”

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