Here’s how India and Pakistan can face off in the semi-finals

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The ICC World Cup 2023 is inching closer to a potential India versus Pakistan clash as the tournament reaches its crucial stage. India and South Africa have already secured their spots in the semi-finals, occupying the top two positions in the points table. Australia, on the other hand, are yet to guarantee their semi-final berth but has two opportunities to do so, facing Afghanistan and Bangladesh in their upcoming matches. A victory in either match will ensure Australia finishes in the top three during the league stage.

The intense battle for the fourth and final semi-final spot features three contenders: New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, while still mathematically in the running, face highly improbable odds. The fourth-placed team will go on to face India in the semi-finals, raising the tantalizing possibility of an India versus Pakistan showdown in this high-stakes tournament.

In one potential scenario, if New Zealand lose to Sri Lanka and Pakistan defeat England, Pakistan would move to ten points, surpassing New Zealand’s eight points. To further solidify their position, Pakistan would also need Australia and South Africa to prevail against Afghanistan, preventing them from reaching the ten-point mark. This scenario intensifies the competition for that coveted fourth spot and adds to the anticipation of a potential India vs. Pakistan encounter.

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