Heated Exchange Between Kusal Mendis and Shakib al Hasan Sparks Controversy in ODI World Cup

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While the BAN vs SL World Cup match may have concluded, the verbal battle between skippers Kusal Mendis and Shakib al Hasan rages on. The topic of contention? Angelo Mathews’ unprecedented ‘timed-out’ dismissal, which has ignited a fiery debate in the cricketing world.

Angelo Mathews’ Timed-Out Dismissal

In a historic first for international cricket, Angelo Mathews was dismissed ‘timed out’ during the ODI World Cup match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The controversy erupted when Mathews faced an equipment malfunction with his helmet strap, causing a delay of over two minutes between the fall of the previous wicket and the new batter being ready to face the next delivery. Bangladesh skipper Shakib al Hasan appealed, leading to Mathews’ dismissal.

Post-Match Exchange

In the post-match presentation, both captains, Kusal Mendis and Shakib al Hasan, engaged in a heated exchange regarding the controversial dismissal. They defended their versions of events and placed blame on each other for the decision.

Mendis expressed his disappointment and stated, “It’s very disappointing – when Angelo came to the crease, there were 5 seconds left. Then he found out the strap of the helmet came off. It’s disappointing umpires couldn’t step in and make the correct decision.”

Shakib revealed, “One of our fielders came to me and said if you appeal now, he’ll be out. Then I appealed, and the umpires asked me if I’m serious or whether I am going to take it back. It’s in the laws. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I was at war, and I had to take a decision to make sure my team wins. Right or wrong, there will be debates, but if it is in the rules, I don’t mind taking those chances.”

Differing Viewpoints

The clash between Mendis and Shakib underscores the intensity of the competition during the ODI World Cup. Their differing viewpoints on Mathews’ dismissal and the decision to appeal have sparked debates within the cricketing community. While Mendis expressed his dismay at the umpires’ handling of the situation, Shakib defended his actions as necessary for his team’s victory.

As the ODI World Cup unfolds, cricket fans can expect more exciting matches and moments of tension on and off the field. The debate surrounding Angelo Mathews’ historic ‘timed-out’ dismissal will likely continue to be a topic of discussion throughout the tournament.

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