Hardik Pandya Stresses Workload Management as Crucial to His Performance

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Hardik Pandya, India’s dynamic all-rounder, has been on an impressive trajectory since his return from a back injury last year. His remarkable performances in various formats have solidified his position as a key player in the Indian cricket team. Recently, during an ODI match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup, Pandya demonstrated his prowess with both bat and ball. 

However, despite his consistent white-ball success, the debate surrounding his absence from Test cricket continues. In a recent interview, Pandya shed light on the workload management challenges he faces and his unwavering commitment to the team’s success.

Hardik Pandya’s Test Cricket Debate

In the Asia Cup ODI against Pakistan, Pandya played a crucial role by rescuing India from a precarious position at 66/4. His aggressive batting and partnership with Ishan Kishan helped India reach a competitive total of 266. Pandya’s ability to deliver in high-pressure situations has made him an indispensable asset in the lower-middle order of the white-ball format. 

Despite his success in limited-overs cricket, Pandya’s absence from Test cricket has been a topic of discussion. He last played a Test match in 2018 and has since chosen to focus on white-ball formats. In 2022, Pandya stated that Test cricket was not his immediate priority, and he aimed to ease back into the format gradually. 

Pandya’s Workload Management Challenges

Speaking about his unique workload as an all-rounder, Pandya highlighted the additional responsibilities he shoulders compared to other players. While a specialist batter or bowler might conclude their respective training and practice sessions earlier, Pandya often continues with both batting and bowling drills. His workload management becomes essential to maintain peak performance and avoid injuries. 

Pandya explained, “When the game arrives, it is more about whatever the team requires, and the managing side goes out of the park, and it is more practical calls that how many overs are needed for me.” He stressed that he always aims to provide what the team requires, whether it involves bowling ten overs or fewer. 

Hardik Pandya’s Success Mantra

Pandya’s approach to the game revolves around self-belief and backing his abilities. He emphasized the importance of confidence, especially when facing tough situations. “When bowling, I have to back myself to the fullest because the opposition, the batter, they want me to make a mistake,” Pandya emphasized that as an all-rounder, he must maintain unwavering confidence in his game, even when under pressure. 

He concluded, “What I have realized is that no matter what happens, you have to back yourself, you have to believe that you are the best in the world. That does not guarantee you success, but at the same point of time, it does give you and it does guide you to work towards success, so practically back yourself.”  

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