Glenn Maxwell’s miracle in Mumbai fuelled by age old BBL drill

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Glenn Maxwell’s phenomenal double-century against Afghanistan in the 39th ICC World Cup 2023 match in Mumbai is hailed as the ultimate ODI innings. Despite grappling with back spasms and severe lower-body cramps, he showcased remarkable resilience, smashing 21 boundaries and ten sixes with sheer upper-body prowess. This extraordinary display of strength propelled Australia to victory, solidifying his innings as a cricketing masterpiece.

Maxwell credited his prowess to a pre-match batting drill from eight to nine years back in the BBL, honing his ability to strike substantial boundaries. Recalling his BBL days, he elaborated on the technique of relying solely on upper-body strength for sixes. Emphasising the importance of adapting swiftly, he highlighted the application of skills cultivated over the years during his match-winning innings against Afghanistan.

“One of the things I used to work on before every BBL game – going back about eight or nine years – was foot drills where the first 12 balls I’d face I’d stay dead still but try and hit them as far as I could. Whatever the length, I basically had to hold my top body for as long as I could to get the right trajectory to feel like I hit a six,” he told the Club Prairie Podcast.

He further added, ” Working on that upper-body movement without using your legs is actually a good way of finding out where your ideal heave point is. Going back to that [innings against Afghanistan], I obviously had to tinker a little bit with actual bowlers not just bowling half-vollies outside off stump but bowling different areas. Just relying on stuff I had worked on in early years and try to adapt as quickly as I could.”

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I feel like my hands can get me out of trouble: Maxwell

The right-handed batter, sharing insights on the podcast, disclosed battling severe cramps, particularly in his calf muscle, and even mentioned his middle toe bending back during the Afghanistan match and his record-breaking 40-ball century against the Netherlands. Across his white-ball cricket journey, Maxwell’s signature skill lies in effortlessly finding gaps throughout the ground, regardless of the ball’s line, length, or the bowler’s tactics.

“Once I get in, I feel like I can set myself early enough in my mind and have a good idea of where I’m trying to hit it.I feel like my hands can get me out of trouble if the ball is not quite in that areas and do I give myself a few options for different lengths,” Maxwell explained.

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