‘Felt like I was at war, did what I had to for my team to win’

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Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan revealed the reasons why he went for a timed out dismissal for Angelo Mathews during the ODI World Cup clash in Delhi. The incident happened during the 25th over of Sri Lanka’s innings in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh’s clash in Delhi on October 6 when Mathews walked out to bat after Sadeera Samarawickrama was dismissed. The veteran all-rounder came late at the crease as he was waiting for a helmet after the one he carried out broke, but the Bangladesh skipper appealed for a timed out dismissal in the meantime and the umpire declared the batter out after a series of discussion.

Amidst criticism and debate around the Spirit of the Game, Shakib has clarified his stance, saying that his actions were only for the sake of the team. The 36-year-old added that what he did was legal even if he is not sure it was right or wrong. 

“One of our fielders came to me and said, ‘If you appeal now, he will be out, if you are serious’. Then I appealed and the umpire asked me whether I was serious and whether I was going to take it back or not. I said no if it is in the rule if it’s out, I [won’t] take it back,” Shakib said at the post-match presentation.

“It is in the laws. I don’t know if it is right or wrong. But I felt like I was at war. I had to take decision to make sure my team wins and whatever I had to do, I had to do. Right or wrong – there will be debates. But if it’s in the rules, I don’t mind taking those chances,” the all-rounder added.

I’m disappointed that the umpires couldn’t react on that and add common sense there: Mendis

Kusal Mendis, Sri Lanka’s stand-in captain, expressed his disappointment with the umpires decision to declare timed out and they should have used more common sense in the situation. The wicketkeeper-batter went on to say that the team had expected Mathews to add more runs but the officials’ decision cost Sri Lanka’s performance.

“It is very disappointing that when Angelo came into the crease, there were couple of seconds left, for like five seconds left for him to be ready. He found out that his strap of the helmet has come out. It is an equipment failure. So I’m disappointed that the umpires couldn’t react on that and add common sense there,” Mendis said after the match.

“It is unfortunate that it happened during a crucial time that after the fall of a wicket. Angelo, we expected him to score some runs for us, and it’s disappointing that the umpires couldn’t step in and make good decisions at that time,” the 28-year-old added.

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