‘Everyone wants to take a selfie with Rashid Khan’

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In May of this year, Hashmatuallah Shahidi was appointed as the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team, a monumental task that he has embraced with great success. In less than seven months, Shahidi has led his team to three remarkable victories against strong opponents in the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup.

Before the tournament, Shahidi was not widely known, as the team was filled with Twenty20 specialists who gained recognition in various franchise leagues worldwide. However, Shahidi’s performances in this World Cup have been exceptional, capturing the attention of cricket fans and experts alike.

Currently, Shahidi is not only leading his team from the front but is also the highest run-scorer for Afghanistan, scoring an impressive 226 runs.

Despite his achievements, Shahidi humbly acknowledges his newfound recognition in comparison to the immense popularity of Rashid Khan, who is arguably the biggest name in the Afghanistan team. Shahidi said that everyone wants to take a selfie with Rashid Khan, highlighting the incredible fan frenzy surrounding him.

“Everyone wants to take a selfie with Rashid Khan. He is a superstar,” Shahidi told Indian Express in an interview.

I wanted to do something for my country’ Shahidi

Taking over the captaincy was not an easy task for Shahidi. He saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to do something for his country. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to Afghanistan, stating that his only motive was not to be selfish but to think about his country. Despite expecting challenges, Shahidi’s plan has unfolded successfully.

“When I took the captaincy, it was not easy. When the board approached me I took it as a challenge. I wanted to do something for my country. Alhamdulillah, everything is going fine. My only motive was not to be selfish. I only thought about my country. I knew that there would be challenges, it was in my mind. But everything has panned out as per the plan,” Shahidi added.

Going forward in the tournament, it will be interesting to see if Afghanistan qualify in the semifinals or not. They are well placed right now for that but will have to beat the likes of Australia and South Africa in their next matches.

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