Eden Gardens Stadium Wall Collapse Ahead of World Cup 2023 Matches

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In an unfortunate turn of events, a portion of the exterior wall of Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata collapsed on Thursday, causing a significant headache for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). The collapse comes only two days before the commencement of the Cricket World Cup 2023 matches scheduled to be held at this iconic venue.

Collision Leads to Wall Damage

The wall crumbled due to an earthmoving machine accidentally colliding with it. According to authorities from the Cricket Association of Bengal, the incident occurred during rehabilitation work at the stadium. Urgent efforts are underway to repair the damaged section.

Despite this unexpected setback, the matches at Eden Gardens are still scheduled to proceed. On Saturday, the Netherlands is set to face Bangladesh, and on Tuesday, Bangladesh will compete against Pakistan. The stadium is also preparing for the much-anticipated India vs. South Africa match on November 5 and the England vs. Pakistan clash on November 11. Furthermore, a semi-final match is slated to take place at Eden Gardens on November 16.

Concerns for Safety and Stadium Infrastructure

The section of the wall that collapsed is of particular concern because it is located perilously close to one of the stadium’s lighting towers. The damaged area is situated between gates 3 and 4. Safety remains a top priority for the upcoming matches, and efforts to restore the wall are being fast-tracked to ensure the stadium is in prime condition for the Cricket World Cup 2023 games.

The unexpected wall collapse serves as a reminder of the challenges faced when hosting high-profile sporting events, emphasizing the need for thorough infrastructure maintenance and safety precautions in preparation for the matches. The cricketing world is looking forward to an exciting series of games at Eden Gardens despite this hiccup, and fans hope for smooth proceedings as the World Cup action unfolds.

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