Concerns Arise: Australia Questions Ahmedabad Pitch

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Australia captain Pat Cummins downplayed discussions around the Ahmedabad pitch for the World Cup 2023 final against India, emphasizing that the pitch would be the same for both teams. Facing a barrage of questions about the pitch during the press conference before the India vs. Australia final, Cummins calmly addressed the queries, confirming that the 22-yard strip was identical to the one used in the India vs. Pakistan game on October 14.

“It’s hard to say. It’s obviously the same for both teams. No doubt playing on your own wicket in your own country has some advantages, similar to wickets that you’ve been playing your whole life. But we’ve played a lot of cricket over here. So, yeah, we’ll wait and see,” stated Pat Cummins when questioned about the pitch ahead of the World Cup final.

Expressing confidence in his team’s ability to adapt, Cummins showed no concern about the Indian crowd and highlighted that several players from the 2015 World Cup-winning side bring invaluable experience to handle the pressure of a big game. He refrained from drawing comparisons between the pitches in Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

“I think, of all the venues, perhaps this venue – the toss isn’t as important as, say, the Mumbai Wankhede Stadium or other venues. So, we’ll be ready in terms of anything they’ll throw at us. Yeah, we’ll wait and see, but we’ll make sure we have some plans,” Cummins added, emphasizing their readiness for any challenges in the upcoming final.

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