Astrologer Sumit Bajaj Forecasts India’s Triumph in CWC 2023 Final, Labels It Toughest Challenge

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Astrologer Sumit Bajaj, who gained attention for his precise forecasts during the World Cup, took to social media to share his prediction for the India vs Australia final. In a tweet, he stated,

“Rohit Sharma led India should win the Cricket World Cup 2023 at Narendra Modi Stadium on 19th November 2023. This would be the toughest match India would be playing in this World Cup & Pat Cummins may have to regret a decision taken!” The astrologer’s predictions have garnered credibility as many of his earlier forecasts materialised.

Sumit Bajaj’s Background and Astrological Journey

Sumit Bajaj’s journey to becoming a prominent astrologer has roots in Kolkata, a city deeply connected to astrology. From an early age, Bajaj displayed a keen interest in the mystical aspects of life, eventually dedicating himself to the study and practice of astrology. 

His commitment and precision earned him the moniker “Nostradamus of India.” Bajaj’s recent accurate predictions for World Cup matches, including India vs. Pakistan, have heightened his prominence.

Astrologer’s Remarkable Feats in World Cup Predictions

Sumit Bajaj’s predictions have extended beyond match outcomes to individual player performances. Notably, he foresaw Rohit Sharma’s impactful innings, accurately predicting a score exceeding 75. 

Bajaj’s insights also covered Indian captain Virat Kohli, foreseeing a less exceptional day with the bat, a prophecy that aligned with Kohli’s dismissal after scoring 16 runs. The astrologer’s consistent accuracy across various aspects of the game has contributed to his growing global following.

Sumit Bajaj’s recent prediction adds anticipation to the India vs Australia World Cup final, as cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of this highly anticipated clash, considering the astrologer’s track record of precision throughout the tournament.

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