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Pakistan captain Babar Azam is optimistic about their ICC World Cup 2023 match against England, emphasizing the unpredictability of cricket. With an aim to conclude the tournament positively, Azam revealed a strategic focus on net run-rate. The team has outlined plans for the initial 10 overs and subsequent phases.

Banking on Fakhar Zaman’s prolonged presence, they aspire to meet their requirements. Additionally, Azam highlighted the pivotal roles of Iftikhar Ahmed and Mohammad Rizwan, underscoring their significance in the upcoming match. The outlined strategies reflect Pakistan’s comprehensive approach as they aim to navigate the challenges posed by the formidable English side in the crucial encounter at Kolkata on Saturday.

Babar Azam said

“Anything can happen in cricket. We will try to finish the tournament on a high note,” Azam said.

‘We have a plan for net run-rate and will try to execute it. We have planned about how to play the first 10 overs and what to do after that. If Fakhar Zaman plays for 20-30 overs, we can achieve what’s required.

“The role of Iftikhar Ahmed and Mohammad Rizwan will also be important during the match.”

For Pakistan to secure a spot in the ICC World Cup semis, their approach against England demands precision and aggression. With New Zealand swiftly concluding their final league game within 30 overs, Pakistan’s path to qualification hinges on a substantial victory over England. The required margin depends on the scenario: if batting first and posting 300, Pakistan must limit England to 13; alternatively, if bowling first and restricting England to 100, they need to chase the target in just 2.5 overs.

This demanding equation underscores the significance of an all-encompassing performance. Babar Azam’s team must execute a formidable batting display, aiming not only to cross the 300-run mark but to do so convincingly. Simultaneously, the bowlers face a challenging task of containing England within stringent limits. The strategy involves a delicate balance between aggressive batting and disciplined bowling to achieve the necessary Net-Run-Rate (NRR) superiority.

The roles of key players, including Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman, and the bowling unit, become pivotal in this high-stakes encounter. Precision in execution, strategic decision-making, and unwavering focus will be the keys for Pakistan as they pursue a commanding victory to secure their spot in the semifinals of the prestigious tournament.

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