Allan Donald has decided to step down.

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Allan Donald, one of the most celebrated fast bowlers in cricket history, has made a significant decision that reverberates through the Bangladesh national cricket team. Donald, who had been serving as Bangladesh’s pace bowling coach, has decided to resign from his position following their last scheduled game against Australia on November 11. This announcement was made during a team meeting in Pune, where Donald conveyed his intention to the players he had been coaching.

An official from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) confirmed this pivotal development but preferred to remain anonymous when sharing the information. The news signals the end of a relatively brief yet remarkably influential tenure for Allan Donald in his role as the team’s pace bowling coach.

Donald’s journey with the Bangladesh team began in March 2022, with the primary focus being the T20 World Cup. However, due to the exceptional progress made by Bangladesh’s pace bowlers under his guidance, the BCB extended his contract, keeping him on board for the ongoing ICC World Cup.

The decision to step down comes amid a cloud of controversy involving Allan Donald. Just recently, the BCB announced that they would seek an explanation from Donald for his comments directed at skipper Shakib al Hasan. The incident in question revolved around an on-field appeal for a ‘timed out’ dismissal made by Shakib al Hasan during a match against Sri Lanka on November 6.

When questioned about the impending explanation sought by the BCB, Donald appeared unfazed, stating, “That’s all ok with me if they (BCB) seek an explanation. As far as I am concerned the explanation was in the news today!” He further clarified his intentions, making it known that he had no interest in continuing as the Bangladesh national cricket team’s coach after the ongoing ICC World Cup.

The decision to leave his position as the pace bowling coach will indeed leave a notable void in the Bangladesh cricket setup. Allan Donald’s influence and expertise have played a significant role in the development of the team’s fast bowlers. His legacy as a coach in Bangladesh will be remembered for the positive impact he made on the country’s pace bowling efficiency during his tenure.

As for the future of Bangladesh’s coaching staff, the BCB had already indicated that significant changes in the coaching panel would occur following the conclusion of the ICC World Cup. The departure of Allan Donald marks the beginning of these anticipated transformations.

Allan Donald’s time as Bangladesh’s pace bowling coach will be remembered as a period of growth and improvement, leaving an indelible mark on the team’s fast bowling unit. His decision to step down signifies the end of an era in Bangladesh cricket and will undoubtedly raise questions about the future of the team’s fast-bowling department.

This news comes as a turning point in the world of cricket, as the sport continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges and opportunities on the international stage.

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